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SARP Enterprise Suite

A complete financial solution including the accounting,inventory,payrool,time,attendance,fixed assets register & sales management.

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Sugarsoft Managment System

Sugarcane ERP Suite including cane survey, cane accounting, cane costing, accounts, inventory
and ....

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Biometric Devices

iFace series integrated 630MHz high speed ZK Multi-Bio processor and high definition infrared camera enables user identification in the dark environment.

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Your business depends on data. Is your legacy system up to the task?

Sharpen your competitive Edge and drive growth with Cosmosoft Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions.

  • • Increased competitiveness with integrated, fast, and flexible business processes.
  • • Accelerated time to market with innovative, individualized products and services.
  • • Improved corporate resource and asset utilization – and greater customer satisfaction.
  • • Simplified corporate structure, market channel, and business scenario management.
  • • Trusted Support for business processes in over 7 industries and 50+ customers.

New Application Development

Cosmosoft offers Application Development and Maintenance services with low cost, swift time-to-market, consistent control and premium quality - and all from your one IT solutions partner. Continuing shifts in underlying application infrastructure and the lack of expertise for successful development and deployment remain serious stumbling blocks for organizations, worldwide. In addition, IT faces the challenge of stringent budgets and aggressive timelines for any development initiative.

Our maintenance capabilities include:

  • User Support

  • Ongoing Maintenance

  • Documentation

  • Bug Fixes

  • Root-cause analysis

  • Enhancements

  • Testing Services

We are committed to building effective, timely systems and delivering solutions that create clear and unparalleled business value for our clients. Custom software development brings applications to life. We make them affordable. From those who wish to establish an online presence and create more channels for their business to those who require complex web sites that offer online transactions and more interactivity. work with different kinds of technologies. All our custom web and software development projects are developed using industry standard tools. Cosmosoft offers Application Development Services (ADS) based on Microsoft .NET Technologies, J2EE, Client-Server, ERP/CRM/SCM maintenance, technical support (24X7) and QA & Testing services. We customize our services according to each client's special needs by employing flexible service models drawn from years of experience helping our clients outsource software services. With a wealth of database integration and development experience to draw on and the latest Software Development knowledge literally at their fingertips, our team of developers can develop software solutions to overcome your business challenges. Large corporations are in need of development and maintenance services that can free them up to focus on their core business. Our unique version of application maintenance also adds value by reducing costs. By placing the maintenance of your mission critical applications in Q3 InfoTech's experienced hands, you will be left with precious time to focus on fresh business ideas. Delivering applications for our clients is only the beginning. Our custom software development process includes more than standardized teams for each project; we recognize what each project requires. Cosmosoft provides more than just industry giants and thought leaders directing your projects. We use our experience and processes to deliver flexible solutions that are tailored to your business needs and corporate culture. We adaptively shape our teams allocating the correct resources (onshore and global) to optimize effort that will deliver your custom application. Testing, quality assurance, ongoing support, and maintenance are integrated components of our production process. Cosmosoft uses an accelerated agile methodology for our custom application development projects. This iterative approach to the software development life cycle gives our clients constant insight into their projects with regularly-scheduled artifacts. By generating production-ready code on a regular basis, problems and progress can be tracked and managed more efficiently. Cosmosoft Business solutions’ matured application development process encompasses all the phases of SDLC, starting from translating business needs into project requirements through implementation and post-production user support. Our services improve the quality of existing applications to industry standard requirements and boosts uptime. We assume full responsibility for your software systems, ensuring that they are fully operational and responsive to your company's rapidly changing needs and emergencies. Routine maintenance such as modifications, enhancements, and documentation are cost-efficiently handled offshore in our global state-of-the-art development centers.

Application Integration services

How much of your time is wasted by duplicate data entry managing multiple systems? Worse yet, is your efficiency impeded because you’re relying on manual labor for tasks that could and should be automated? Cosmosoft has spent 14 years providing legacy systems integration and enterprise application services for businesses just like yours. Application integration services can offer your business the means to modernize, consolidate, and coordinate operations in your enterprise. Cosmosoft’s application integration services consist of data integration services, enterprise integration services, and systems integration services. These application integration services will allow your enterprise to 1) update existing or legacy applications to “talk” to other applications, 2) integrate web-based features into older desktop applications and 3) collaborate with Cosmosoft’s application integration services team to synchronize your business processes with technology making your organization more competitive and responsive to change. Cosmosoft’s application integration services team provides a customer focused alternative to procuring application integration services from a conventional file based systems to huge enterprise data backup system. Networked technologies, including the Internet and Web 2.0 applications, provide businesses with greater flexibility and connectivity than ever before. enterprises become more decentralized, however, data is distributed across disparate applications and databases, leading to opacity that can impair your decision-making processes. Security, compliance and usability issues can degrade productivity and lead to higher IT costs. Processes can become cumbersome and mired in redundancy as transaction times increase. Ultimately, your business can become less competitive and IT costs can become burdensome. Cosmosoft has the solution. Our data integration services provide cost-effective, custom designed, solutions to help you consolidate, synchronize, distribute and archive data and information across your entire enterprise network. Efficiently managing the flow of information across your enterprise is only one component in a successful data integration strategy. Once transparency has been achieved, it’s ultimately how you use information that allows your business to thrive. Cosmosoft enterprise integration services help you achieve these goals by providing agile, service oriented architecture (SOA) that integrates existing assets and providing standards-based services that allow you to automate, reuse, repurpose and share processes across your entire network regardless of client systems and languages. Our enterprise integration services allow you to build on existing assets and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of applications.

Application Re-engineering

In this competitive and ever-growing technology market, application re-engineering initiatives have taken the front seat in formulating ways to improve their business processes and services to keep pace with the swiftly moving business world & strategies. At Cosmosoft, we understand your existing legacy application re-engineering and modernization needs and the complexity involved within.

SAIGMA has developed an application re-engineering & modernization methodology named ‘Service Driven Application Modernization Methodology (SDAM)’ that is in fact the adoption of a mix of top down and ground up approaches in executing a service-oriented architecture. SDAM spans from discovery to deployment phases like:

  • Discovery(Assessment of Business Process, Technical Portfolio, Environment Organization Structure & Discovery of Target Services using Agile Approach).

  • Definition (Decomposition & Mapping of Services, Governance & Security Model, Service Level Objectives, SERD and Deployment Plan).

  • Design(Prepare High-level Service Model, Integration Framework, Provisioning for Parallel Runs and Service Governance Policy).

  • Development (Industry Standard Development Framework, Establish Service Registry, Develop Services, Functional & Integration Testing). ⇒ Deployment(Iterative Deployment to Ensure Business Continuity, Alignment with Service-oriented Infrastructure, Provisioning of Services, Monitoring & Management, Measure SLA Compliance).

Your application might need increase in speed, better usability or up-gradation to another technical platform, consolidation or defined process and methodology or a user-friendly architecture. Our team at Cosmosoft with its experience and innovative ideas creates applications best suited for your requirements.

Application re-engineering services provided by Cosmosoft Business solutions bring you the benefit of upgrading your legacy systems to the contemporary platforms like .Net and J2EE with easier navigation and at the same time retaining the basic foundation of your system.

With the need to upgrade strategies and applications to keep pace with increasing challenges and objectives to be met in a short span of time, businesses are increasingly opting for Application Re-engineering. There is a race to keep up with the cutting edge technological advancements for increased productivity.

We follow a structural and a phased process covering the entire life cycle of the application where the performance of the application is consistently monitored for any gaps. Our strong planning and execution of each phase reduces the risk factor to the minimum apart from rapidly and effectively working on the architecture your application. We bring for you reliable and secure applications worked on by the best practices in the industry. Attention is also paid to quality application matching any other in the industry.

With its Application re-engineering services, Cosmosoft has helped clients globally, increasing their productivity and increasing their overall ROI. Generally, a re-engineering project focuses upon systems vital to the daily functioning of the business. The nature of the work, combined with the size of such systems, usually involves millions of lines of code and large databases. Such projects present, in addition to the basic technical issues, complex issues of planning, logistics, communications and management, the careful handling and integration of which is of critical importance. The methodology addresses both the technical and logistical aspects.

The methodology not only provides the project roadmap to Cosmosoft team of professionals undertaking a re-engineering project, but it also provides the management and IS staff of our customers a clear sense of how Cosmosoft will complete the assignment and what are the counterpart inputs expected of the customer.

Web Marketing

At Cosmosoft business solutions we understand that every business, and every website, is different, and therefore requires different internet marketing services to be most successful in its industry. That is why we offer a broad range of services to provide you with everything that you need, from SEO and link building, to social media.

sWhile some customers come to us knowing exactly which website marketing services they need, others are unable to pinpoint exactly how their competitors are beating them, or how to improve their online presence. If you are having trouble differentiating one internet marketing service from the next, we can help you identify what will be best for you to increase your bottom line and improve your return on investment.

For clients who don’t know exactly what web site marketing services to order, we recommend starting with a comprehensive Online Marketing Analysis (OMA), which compares your website with two competitors. An OMA will provide you with important information ranging from backlink quantity and quality, anchor text usage, rankings for various keywords, and other elements of online presence to pinpoint the areas where competitors are seeing maximum returns for their money. Armed with this information, you can know how to beat them!

Depending on what you wish to purchase for your website, or the findings and recommendations from an OMA, the following are some of our most popular website marketing services;

Link Building :

Our most popular website marketing service, link building can focus on either building the quantity or quality of your backlinks, getting links from high importance, relevant pages. Our services can be completely tweaked for your needs and preferences.


Regardless of offsite factors, such as links and social media, your website needs to be correctly set up for search engines to set a strong foundation for the future of a campaign. We can help, from coding and design, to keywords and implementation.

Article Marketing :

At Cosmosoft business solutions, we offer article marketing from writing the content to placing it on the best possible websites to create relevant links back to your website with anchor text, for humans and search engines alike to see.

Social Media :

If you need to improve your online presence, engage with your audience and create a strong brand reputation, we can help. From setting up accounts, to posting regularly and responding to customers, this internet marketing service can build brand loyalty and happy customers.


Creating a video to place on YouTube or Vimeo isn’t as difficult as you think, and marketing it the right way can make your business seem personal and an industry expert. We can help from idea creation, development, editing, posting, optimization and promotion.

Website Analytics :

Getting visitors to your website is the first half of the battle, but turning them into paying customers is the real key to success. With our expert Analytics staff we can pinpoint the most valuable traffic to your business, improve ROI and get more leads from your website.

Local Search :

With more and more people turning away from the phone book and to online search, local listings are the lifeblood of many businesses. With this website marketing service we can build profiles on local sites such as Yelp and Merchant Circle, and improve your SEO ranking for local search terms.

Press Releases:

Press releases are a great way to increase news about your brand while reaching a wide online audience and improving your backlinks for SEO. Our press releases are sent to a wide range of media outlets to get wide exposure for your business.

Contact Us and Start Your Online Marketing :

Regardless of the internet marketing services you decide on, or are most appropriate for your business, we can help. Contact us today to get started, start seeing results, get more traffic, more leads and improve your business!

Consulting Services

Cosmosoft Business Solutions provides expert software consulting services. Whether you are looking to buy or build a software program for your business, our professional software expert advisory services will include an array of scenario-targeted services which all drive our value points of sales, profit, productivity, loyalty and morale.

Our Professional Software Consultants will start discussing your software needs on the level of the decision-making process where you are presently. Some individuals may need software while others may already have an appropriate software application. We devise strategies that help you streamline your process in line to the latest needs and as per the technological needs and challenges. Our end-to-end internet marketing, web design/development and IT consultancy service helps business transform, evolve and enjoy sustainable growth.

We stop not just at educating your resource pool about the right strategies, but also make them understand the priorities and industry best practices that regulate the success of the business. Our unrivaled technology proficiency coupled with industry experience enables us to deliver practical and feasible solutions that help you achieve your business goals faster, efficiently!

As a comprehensive web and IT consultancy service provider, we cater to the needs of businesses corresponding to, Financial and business productivity solutions, Medical and healthcare software consultancy services. Located in India and serving businesses worldwide, we offer IT and software consulting services meeting to the needs of diverse industry verticals. Whether it is web site design and development, software solutions, web analysis or internet marketing - to enable your growth and help it evolve with the changing demands and challenges, we extend consultancy solutions that are timely, adequate and effective.

The domains that we cater our consultancy services to include:

  • Software and Application design and development for your organization

  • Search Engine Optimization and web designing consultation

  • Web design and information architecture

  • Web development, Server development and custom industry applications consultancy

  • Consultancy for cash management and designing chart of accounts, chart of items and financial sheets

Our timely, comprehensive and dedicated consultancy service lets you enjoy following benefits:

  • Enhanced web presence through search engine friendly web identity and effective web designs that are innovative, intuitive and help you reach and influence your targeted visitor

  • Sustained positive brand reputation that spreads your image of a trustworthy solutions/service facilitator between right business prospect

  • Win edge over competitor via strategies that help in faster implementation of refinements via effective priority mapping

Reach us for a conclusive consultancy:

  • Specialized consulting - to help you stay out of clutter Our expertise in system analysis, system development, architecture, information technology, designing tools, communication (Internet and Intranet), and operating systems helps us devise a plan while keeping a thorough check of the relating factors and provide specialized consulting that directly answers your concerns, and does it in quick time.

  • Web Design and Development - for effective web presence Strategizing on the right design or helping you in selecting the right technological platform - we do everything related to web design and development.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - for web prominence To help you achieve prominence on the web, our web strategists help in setting your web site searchable on search engines. Our internet marketing experience and knowledge of the latest means and challenges help you improve your ranking on web fast and sustain it for long.

Blogs & Article Writing

Today, quality content has turn out to be more important than ever, as it is a key to promote your website, online business, services or products with the use of relevant & targeted keywords. Words play a significant role when it comes to getting indexed by spiders, communicating to readers about services or products, showing up high on search engine results and finally, influencing prospective customers to take action. No doubt, words can make the difference between a ‘Sale’ and a ‘No Sale’.

Promoting your business and goods/services through well-written, well-research and informative content that grabs readers' attention and develops their interest is definitely the basis of your online success. Spreading this crisp and informative content with links to your website furnishes genuine exposure for your business. This results in increased online visibility.

COSMOSOFT has a large database client list since 2009 in writing for all top-notch IT companies. In a content-competitive online world, we provide content writing services where words speak more than images. Our content writers know exactly what it takes to make sales online, as:

  • Committed team to handle your content writing assignment.

  • Unique, original, non-plagiarized and crisp copy that grabs attention.

  • Faultless content that is free from grammatical and syntax errors, spelling mistakes and formatting blunders.

  • Content delivered within time with no compromise on the quality.

  • Editing and Proof-reading of all the content before delivery.

  • Custom-made reports depending on your guidelines.

Our highly qualified and expert content writers generate content with the correct grammar, spelling and tone for your country and business.

Outsourcing services

As budgetary constraints often play a major part in IT resourcing decisions, the advantages of IT outsourcing become more obvious and attractive for business. However what many organizations fail to realize is that without proper planning and consideration wholesale IT outsourcing can have far reaching implications, not just in HR scenarios, but also the sudden and immediate loss of business knowledge and the company system idiosyncrasies that are all too often taken for granted; which once gone, take time to rebuild and re-learn.

That's why we take a consultative approach to each situation we are asked to assist in. For us, it's not about what resources we can replace; it's about what services we can deliver. For many companies considering outsourcing the solution may have difficult or negative connotations, as the loss of valued staff can be disruptive and emotionally distressing for the business. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way, we have developed a number of solutions that not only prepare and prevent loss of business knowledge, but can assist in retaining staff either on or off site. We call this approach ethical outsourcing.

It's ethical because we strive to maintain the resources you have in the countries you operate, working on greater efficiencies with the staff that you have. You can now genuinely maintain services at a lower cost, if you release your workforce in to a more flexible and focused environment.

Typically we transfer over your current resource and find out the base number of employees required to operate the service. We then work out what flex is required to take into account holiday, sickness and ad hoc project work. Finally we can then work on the difference between the two to ensure that where there is ‘spare capacity'; we can deploy them across our other clients to keep them working at full capacity.

It's a win/win scenario. You save costs, with no loss of business knowledge. The company and its shareholders can rest easily at night as there is no loss of business knowledge or concern for the workforce; and the employees in post get to retain their positions, doing the work they love.

Cosmosoft outsourcing services cover the full IT spectrum and can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization.