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About Our Projects

Cosmosoft products are based on a modular and integrated approach, supported by sound and advanced development technologies. We design in multi-tier architecture, which is standard client/server architecture and therefore we promise you the performance, maintainability, extensibility, scalability and security. Here is the list of our customized industrial software solutions.

Our Projects

Loading Point Management System
Cosmosoft Business Solutions® was established by a group of unique set of entrepreneurs who had versatile programming skills and vision to develop multi-tier, object oriented database applications, and on line web based multimedia applications. In 1997 Cosmosoft® emerged as a traditional software house with a body of well-managed, and teamed some energetic IT professionals trained and experienced in different disciplines of Software development life cycle Cosmosoft Business Solutions ® is your next partner to simply your success through Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions...
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Cane Survey Management System
All Sugar Mills manually conduct survey every year . However, there ishigh proportion of fake cane surveys and inaccurate cane figures. In themodern age of automation, Cosmosoft is pleased to announce mobilebased cane survey Management system to get maximum results underthe limited costs.
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