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About Our Projects

Cosmosoft products are based on a modular and integrated approach, supported by sound and advanced development technologies. We design in multi-tier architecture, which is standard client/server architecture and therefore we promise you the performance, maintainability, extensibility, scalability and security. Here is the list of our customized industrial software solutions.

Our Projects

SARP Enterprise Suite
SARP Enterprise Suite is a proven management system that includes general ledger, accounts receivable, taxation, sales management, accounts payable, fixed asset management, multi-currency management, revenue recognition & management, Attendance and payroll management, financial reporting and much more.Read More

Sugarsoft Management System
Sugarsoft Management is a complete ERP system, designed and equipped to furnish the needs of sugar industry. Cosmosoft Sugarcane management is comprised on several modules to fulfill the needs Sugar industry, including cane survey & development, cane procurement & purchase management, cane accounting, sugarcane costing, sugar costing, cane crushing, Weighment, Payables & receivables management, laboratory & cane sampling, LP solution & GPS based mobile cane survey management. Read More

School Management System
Our school management has been designed in latest tools and technologies to cater the diversified educational institutions. From Campus, classed and student’s management to student’s registration, teacher’s management, buses management, payroll management, attendance management, accounts management- our school management system is right choice for educational institutions. Read More

Feed Management System
Cosmosoft Feed management system has been developed to cater the needs of feed and poultry industry. A complete ERP solution based on reporting available on smart devices and using the flexible, customized features, our system includes feed accounting, Feed Weighment, Procurement & purchase management, stock management, store items management, sales management and feed costing. Read More