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About Cosmosoft® Business Solutions

Cosmosoft Business Solutions® was established by a group of unique set of entrepreneurs who had versatile programming skills and vision to develop multi-tier, object oriented database applications, and on line web based multimedia applications. In 1997 Cosmosoft® emerged as a traditional software house with a body of wellmanaged, and teamed some energetic IT professionals trained and experienced in different disciplines of Software development life cycle

Cosmosoft Business Solutions ® is your next partner to simply your success through Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions, providing you the people products and processing to create solution that help customers accelerate the development, delivery and integration of platform computing environments. Cosmosoft enables organizations to transform their enterprise applications for the changing technology and business requirements of the e -business environment, manage the application development process, and provide integrated data connectivity across the enterprise from the desktop to the Internet. We incorporate the latest proven state-of-the-art technologies into our designs. Our technical staff has considerable expertise spanning a broad spectrum of high technologies. This includes programming in languages such as .Net Technologies (Web Development using ASP.Net, Visual Basic .Net etc), Visual Basic 6.0, scripting languages (Java Script/ VB Script / HTML / ASP 3.0), SQL Server 2005/2000, Oracle 9i, MS Access, Internet Information Server etc.

Cosmosoft Business Solutions ® has designed and developed a vast range of applications spanning database systems, Internet and Communication solutions under many different environments. We have years of development experience. This allows us to design and program truly user-friendly system rapidly and efficiently.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring you the most innovative IT products for your enterprise to bring automation in your work such that you may be able to check and analyze your business performance just at one click.

Our Values

Our Values determine how we treat our people, clients and partners. They define who we are and how we do our jobs. They also help us to work together in most efficient way. At Cosmosoft, our staff prides themselves in meeting and exceeding the constant demands of our clients.

We process your change requests or technical questions in hours not days or weeks. Since our company is not layered with cumbersome management, personnel and controls, our staff and tech support can make on the spot decisions, which translates into simpler, quicker, and easier responses and solutions to any problems that might arise. Our values will help us keeping our customers/clients with us forever.

  • Customer Driven – We believe in a dedication to superior customer relationships. We help our clients achieve their goals by listening to business requirement, responding rapidly and by providing progressive programs, processes and delivering best class enterprise solutions that meet our client’s needs. Being a customer centric organization is the key to our mutual success.

  • Compassion – Respect, service and a caring attitude towards the welfare of our co-workers, clients, partners, suppliers, associates and all individuals. We believe in treating others with respect and good will.

  • Integrity - We are fair and honest in all our business and personal interactions and relationships. We conduct our business with the principle of treating others, as we would like to be treated. We always strive to deliver what we say we will deliver. Our personal integrity demands it.

  • Excellence – Cosmosoft Business Solution Philosophy believes that quality of service should exceed customer expectations. We are continuously improving how we work in order to do this. Our commitment to innovation, continuous improvement, learning and our standards of excellence attract, satisfy and maintain our clients and employees.

Our Experties

Development Tools

  • Visual Studio 2005-2012.

  • Dreamweaver 8.

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5.

  • MSSQL Server 2005-2008.

  • SQLyog.

  • Toad for Oracle.

  • MSSQL Server 2005-2008.

  • Crystal Report 10.2.

  • Microsoft Reporting Server


  • C#.Net

  • VB.Net

  • PHP5

  • Database.

  • ASP.Net.

  • ASP.Net MVC 3.

  • Java.